North Central Texas Hydrogen User Forum 2024

June 11, 2024 | The University of Texas at Arlington

The North Central Texas Hydrogen User Forum will focus on hydrogen adoption by industries in the DFW region. The forum will allow industry members to hear from their peers about the current and future state of hydrogen, and give local utility planners (gas, electric, hydrogen suppliers) the chance to hear from industry so they can be prepared to meet future needs. Hydrogen technologies can be used in a wide variety of industries. Members of the Transportation, Natural Gas blending, Cement, Steel, Chip Manufacturing, Electric Generation, Glass Manufacturing, Kiln Operations, Renewable Fuels, and Food Processing industries will benefit from this dialogue.

Forum Objectives
  1. Provide potential hydrogen users an opportunity to learn about hydrogen uses and express their concerns and needs towards adoption of hydrogen.
  2. Provide hydrogen providers with the opportunity to share hydrogen progress and listen to concerns.
  3. Provide government and public agencies the opportunity to hear the state of hydrogen regionally.

Please visit their website to learn more and register.