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Who We Are

The Forefront of Clean Energy Expansion

In recognition of the significant economic and environmental opportunities for hydrogen in Texas, a set of key industry stakeholders has formed an industry Alliance to educate and advocate for effective policies, legislation, and rulemaking that will enable and incentivize the effective pursuit of these opportunities.  The Alliance will also be an entity with industry and technical expertise that can facilitate dialog and convene key stakeholders to enable the growth of a hydrogen economy and markets.

Hydrogen Leadership through Texas Assets

Leveraging Texas’ abundant hydrogen assets and natural resources, this initiative aims to establish Texas as a global leader in hydrogen production, utilization, and export, tapping into its wind and solar potential for electrolytic hydrogen and harnessing carbon capture technology for low carbon intensity hydrogen from natural gas.

Energy Expansion and Job Preservation

This strategy focuses on expanding Texas' energy landscape while preserving oil and gas jobs by promoting the integration of hydrogen technologies, ensuring a smooth shift towards cleaner energy sources and supporting the workforce's growth.

Grid Resilience and Emission-Free Freight

By utilizing wind and solar assets for electrolysis, this approach not only contributes to electricity grid resiliency and long-term energy storage but also facilitates the production of zero-emission hydrogen to power freight movement, reducing carbon impact and enhancing sustainability.

Our Mission

Driving the Hydrogen Revolution

Our goal is to broaden and enhance the understanding of opportunities for hydrogen in Texas and advocate for reshaping the State’s policy and regulatory framework to expedite the adoption of hydrogen technology. 

A Message

From Our Executive Director

Welcome to the Texas Hydrogen Alliance!  We are the only hydrogen organization that focuses on legislative and regulatory advocacy.  Our mission is to promote the safe, reliable, and affordable use of hydrogen in Texas.  We focus on lowering emissions, promoting economic growth, and creating new jobs in the great State of Texas.  Contact us today to be part of the Texas Hydrogen Alliance.

Susan M. Shifflett, Executive Director

Committee Structure

Government Affairs and Policy

This Committee is led by the Executive Director of the Alliance.  It is comprised of four sub-committees: Advocacy, Production-Demand, Distribution-Storage, and Technical Standards and Safety.  Overall, this Committee works with Industry to craft and develop hydrogen policy and regulations.  The Advocacy Sub-Committee serves as the on the ground liaisons in Austin working on behalf of the hydrogen industry to secure the THA goals.  The Production and Demand Sub-Committee focuses on the production of hydrogen and the end users.  The Distribution and Storage Sub-Committee focuses on the movement and storage of hydrogen.  The Technical Standards and Safety Sub-Committee serves as the liaison for our THA members to Federal, State and Local authorities on Hydrogen standards and regulations.

Membership and Budget Committee

This Committee is led by the Treasurer.  The goal is to maintain fiscal stability of the Alliance while growing membership.

Public Education and Outreach Committee

This Committee is led by the Executive Director.  The goal is to develop marketing materials conveying the Alliance’s goals while creating strategic opportunities for the Alliance through public meetings, conferences and special events.  This Committee is responsible for maintaining the website and social media pages. 

Our Members

The Partners that Drive Us

Our success is fueled by collaboration with leading organizations and their associated partners, including energy innovators, sustainable technology providers, and research institutions.

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