Leading the Charge in Clean Energy Solutions
Advancing hydrogen opportunities across transportation, power generation, distribution, and energy storage in Texas and beyond.
Driving the Future of Sustainable Energy
Discover the limitless potential of hydrogen in revolutionizing transportation, power generation, and energy storage.
Unleashing the Power of Hydrogen
Uniting industry leaders and advocating for clean hydrogen hubs in Texas and the Gulf Coast Region.
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Join the Texas Hydrogen Alliance for a Sustainable Energy Future

Be part of a visionary community committed to harnessing Texas’ vast resources and expertise in hydrogen, working together to reshape the energy landscape and forge a greener, more resilient tomorrow.


The Gulf Coast commands a remarkable 33% of the total US hydrogen production capacity, establishing itself as a pivotal player in the hydrogen landscape.

1600 MILES

With an impressive expanse of 1600 miles of hydrogen pipeline — the largest in the nation — the Gulf Coast ensures seamless connectivity for efficient hydrogen distribution.

11.2 TCF

Producing a substantial 11.2 TCF of natural gas in 2022, the Gulf Coast is primed to harness this resource for advancing hydrogen production through innovative and sustainable methods.


Home to an astonishing 50% of the world's hydrogen storage caverns, the Gulf Coast solidifies its status as a pivotal player in enabling reliable hydrogen storage solutions.

Our Mission

Transform Communities Across Texas

Our mission is to broaden and enhance the understanding of opportunities for hydrogen in Texas and advocate for reshaping the State’s policy and regulatory framework to expedite the adoption of hydrogen technology.

Hydrogen Generation

Unmatched Renewable Energy Potential

Boasting a colossal 36 GW wind and 15 GW solar capacity, the Gulf Coast houses the nation’s largest renewable energy market, uniquely positioning it for robust hydrogen generation.

Leading the Charge

At the forefront of innovation and progress, the Texas Hydrogen Alliance stands as a trailblazer in the realm of sustainable energy solutions. Through strategic collaborations, pioneering research, and a commitment to harnessing the unique advantages of the Gulf Coast region, the Alliance is resolutely leading the charge towards a hydrogen-powered future, redefining the landscape of clean energy possibilities.

Our Members

The Partners that Drive Us

Our success is fueled by collaboration with leading organizations and their associated partners, including energy innovators, sustainable technology providers, and research institutions.

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