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Our mission is to broaden and enhance the understanding of opportunities for hydrogen in Texas and advocate for reshaping the State’s policy and regulatory framework to expedite the adoption of hydrogen technology. With the overall goal to support and maintain the State’s position as the energy capitol of the world, a coalition of industry leaders has assembled to pursue this task. The focus is on multiple aspects of the hydrogen industry including existing and future production, transportation and zero-emission freight movement, storage and refueling infrastructure, production and distribution of low carbon intensity (CI) hydrogen, electricity grid resiliency, energy storage, hydrogen from waste, creation of hydrogen hubs, all capitalizing on the synergies between natural gas and hydrogen. The Alliance will engage with policy-makers, regulators, and the greater public in both education and advocacy activities. While the primary focus of THA will be on Texas, the Alliance will seek to influence federal activities relative to hydrogen where and when appropriate with coordination and communication with other national efforts. Fundamentally, the Alliance will provide a foundation for collaborative dialog with industry and technology experience needed to establish and capitalize opportunities for hydrogen and partner with other enterprises in Texas focusing on economic growth.

Legislative Initiatives

Pioneering a New Era of Clean Energy Innovation

An overview of the governmental actions aimed at fostering the adoption of hydrogen as a sustainable energy solution. 

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