Texas H2 Opportunities

H2 Matchmaker serves as a digital platform designed to provide valuable information to those involved in the hydrogen industry, aiding both hydrogen suppliers and users in identifying potential partners and opportunities to advance the development of regional hydrogen hubs.

A regional hydrogen hub encompasses a network that includes hydrogen producers, prospective or existing hydrogen consumers, and the essential connecting infrastructure, all situated in close proximity to one another.

The objectives of H2 Matchmaker are:

  1. Enhancing awareness of regional hydrogen and fuel cell projects among technology developers and suppliers.
  2. Supporting the growth of the private sector in establishing hydrogen production, storage, and transportation infrastructure, as well as the deployment of fuel cell technology within specific regions.
  3. Facilitating business development opportunities at the regional level by offering comprehensive hydrogen supply and demand maps that cover both ongoing and planned projects.

H2 Matchmaker aims to support the formation of regional hydrogen collaborations by enabling hydrogen producers, end-users, and various stakeholders to voluntarily identify and synchronize potential requirements within specific geographic regions in the United States.

Check out their interactive map here.